• Load Balancer - Nginx

    by Siva on May 23, 2015

    Nginx is pronounced as engine-x. It is a free, open source HTTP server. Nginx is one of the fastest growing server and as of now hosts nearly 12.18% of active sites across all the domains. Unlike all ... Read more

  • Apache - mod_proxy

    by Siva on May 13, 2015

    Apache support load balancing through two plug-ins i.e., mod_proxy and mod_jk. mod_proxy comes by default with Apache web server and it is easy to configure the load balancer. This module supports HTTP...
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  • Load Balancer

    by Siva on May 08, 2015

    World Wide Web (WWW) is a very hot channel for any business. Present trend is geting business on web presence. Getting a business on web presence is very simple - create an awesome customer face web ...